Feature Paper for Topic "Data Reuse for Sustainable Development Goals" 

This special issue of Data journal collects works that use data with a transdisciplinary orientation, in the style of the SDG themselves. Such ambitious challenges need to be illustrated with concrete contributions. Descriptions of use cases, data infrastructures, or concrete solutions complete the political discourse and pave the way forward. Think big, start small.

All submissions, including the invited ones will be subject to peer review. If you plan to submit a review article please provide us with a title and brief description at your earliest convenience, in order to avoid multiple reviews covering the same material.

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 For information on manuscript preparation and related matters, please see the instructions for authors:


 The deadline for submission to the Special Issue is 1 March 2020. We would appreciate hearing from you in February as to whether you would be interested and if you would need more time to prepare the feature paper. 


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