Assessing about infraestructures

Librarians are usually required to assess about the infrastructures needed in two occasions: one in the research, when the team wants to share their data; and another once the investigation has been completed and any of the data must be released.

  • Data storing: reliable tools that warrant data integrity, the broud access to data for the team, and automatics backups of your data should be chosen. It can be used:
  • Cloud data storage as Dropbox,
  • Specific science facilities as Dataverse or Figshare
  • Institutional services as Bristol University Research Data Storage Facility
  • Comprehensive systems: are usually aimed at a subject area: BlueBridge for fisheries and oceans or Elixir for life sciences.
  • Releasing data: data can be uploaded into a repository or added to the scientific paper as supplementary material. For each way you will follow the service instructions. If you do not choose an specialized repository, we recommend to try these ones: Dataverse, Zenodo or Figshare

Releasing data: data can be uploaded into a repository or they can be added to scientific papers as supplementary material. For each way, the instructions of each service must be followed. If you have not chosen any specialized repository yet, we recommend trying one or some of these: Dataverse, Zenodo or Figshare

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